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Perhaps You Can Relate…

Over the last two hundred years, there have been countless books and trainings on how to make more money and live the life you want. From “Think and Grow Rich”, to “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, and even “Four Hour Work Week”, each of these works provide great methods and tools to help people – regardless of their current disposition in life – to build significant prosperity, and live a very rewarding life. As a student of personal growth, I personally love each of these works and read them as a source of continuous improvement.

A Life-Changing Experience:

A short time ago, I had one of the most interesting experiences while engulfing myself in reading material. I had taken inventory of the many books and trainings in my personal library and discovered how much wealth I had in these resources; and how little they had produced in my life. I would often say that I was trying to get somewhere in life, and believed part of being a leader, was committing to continuous learning. Then, I heard a voice in me that I have grown an intimate affection for in my spiritual being ask me “Are you there yet?” I was literally lost for words. I was completely dumbfounded as I stared at my catalog of personal development written by some of the most inspiring, influential, and incredibly wealthy authors this world has ever known. When looking at the results that these great works had produced in my life, I had to face the harsh reality that this question had presented to me: No, I wasn’t there yet.

None of what I learned over the last 20+ years had changed me. And having two degrees, reading close to 50 books a year, and a library worth well over a billion dollars, I have absorbed a great deal of knowledge. Though when reminded of a conversation I had with a mentor of mine, he told me that he discovered that knowledge was incomplete until transformation had occurred. Until then, nothing was learned.

Paradigm Shift:

Transformation is a result, which makes learning a process that produces the result. Information doesn’t change your life; therefore, has very little ability to transform you. In fact, the only thing that has the power to transform you, is renewing your mind. You must seek ways to shift your paradigm of thinking; the way you do things; and live congruent within your circle of competence. If not, you may find yourself morbidly obese with information, and feeling more hopeless than you ever have before.

What If We All Could Do This?

My friend, how much different would your life be if you could apply just 20% more of the knowledge you have stored up in your personal library? How much more confident would you be in your ability to deliver solutions for your dream clients at a premium that is only a fractional percentage of the exceptional value that you provide? I am confident that with the right system, you could build your mindset to not only retain, but skillfully apply the material you read to create a powerful transformation in your life.

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