Setbacks or stepping stones?

A setback in business refers to a significant negative event or circumstance that hinders progress, growth, or the achievement of goals within a company or organization. Setbacks take various forms and can arise from both internal and external factors. They disrupt operations, plans, and projections of a business, and they may lead to financial losses, decreased morale, and a need for reevaluation and adaptation of strategies.

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Let’s be honest – we all experience setbacks, but think about these questions:

  1. “Are you surviving them or thriving through them?”
  2. “Do you view them as setbacks or stepping stones?”
  3. “Are your choices setting you up for more struggles or successes?”

The truth is our experiences are the results of our choices!

In fact, it’s estimated the average person makes 35,000 choices per day.

While many of them are not “conscious choices”, some are and they set us up for setbacks or are stepping stones for success.

Daily choices like:

    • Protecting our mindset every day OR allowing negativity, challenges and fear to steer us directly into setbacks?
    • Being prepared and proactive in implementing and amplifying leverage OR being reactive and getting tossed around by the whims of the world around us?
    • Surrounding ourselves with successful people who help us avoid or shorten the challenges OR struggling to “figure it out” in the army of 1?
    • Putting ourselves first and prioritizing our progress OR allowing burnout to take over because we don’t step away from working in our business to work on the business?

    We’ll help you master The “M & M’s” of your business:

    1. Mindset
    2. Methods
    3. Monetization
    4. Mastery

    Don’t just survive challengesTHRIVE THROUGH THEM!


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